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Elissa was the first homeschool mama I met in Las Vegas many years ago. She fights for our right to homeschool on our terms. She has a passion for our rights and can answer or find an answer to any of your homeschool concerns or issues. A few years ago, after I had been homeschooling for 9 years, I took her class on Homeschooling High Schoolers and I learned so much. Thank you Elissa Wahl!


Elizabeth A.

I met Elissa the summer before I started homeschooling, almost 6 years ago! She literally walked me through how to properly withdraw my kids from school and start our homeschooling journey! She has been a part of our story from the beginning!

Meghann G.

I am so thankful for Elissa Wahl. Our son was doing over and beyond what most high school students do and I had no idea how to show that in a transcript. I cannot begin to explain my relief when Elissa told me she could help me with it. I have been homeschooling for 20 years, and by far, one of the most challenging tasks I faced was coming up with a transcript. What a joy it was to have her come along me and help me. I cannot recommend her service enough! As I have been saying for years, she is so incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to homeschooling and I am so thankful for all the ways she helps homeschoolers (myself included)! I cannot recommend her enough!

Becky B.

Elissa has been one of the most instrumental people to ever affect homeschooling in Nevada. She has spent untold hours researching the bills that could impact the homeschool environment. Then she’s rallied the community to become aware of potential laws and to voice their opinions. In her role as an active homeschool advocate, she’s often been the only voice that any legislator ever heard. In that way she has shaped NV to be the LEAST-restrictive environment for parents to educate their own children… the same environment that has created our most resourceful Americans for generations.

Beyond her active legislative voice, she is often the first voice that many parents hear presenting the myriad of schooling options available. She has spent countless hours over the years (without compensation) counseling and encouraging parents that are frustrated with the public school system. By listening to their personal stories she is able to convey the variety of options that may suit their child’s needs. She is an advocate for School Choice and she shares with parents the many schooling options in NV, including: public, private, online, charter, magnet, etc, and my personal favorite: home education. As the parents are equipped now to make an informed decision, Elissa is often able to connect them with resources and contacts to ease their schooling journey.

After many years of friendship with Elissa, I’d have to say that her most powerful role is instilling in parents a confidence that THEY know their child the best. She revives that still, small inner voice in parents to grasp the key role they play in their child’s life. Often those exhausted, frustrated parents find hope and realize homeschooling is a beautiful fit for their family. Then Elissa shows them curriculum options, and often even finds resources for free materials. She coaches them about what sports, music, art and activities are available, and provides connections and a place to start. It is that support and encouragement that is invaluable to parents and what makes Elissa our most cherished homeschool advocate! We home educating parents owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude.

Christina R.