Changing your mindset

Challenging you to rise to your child’s needs

Helping you direct your family to a new and better day

I’ve been so blessed in my life, to be able to homeschool my children; but even before that, to understand the difference between learning and school. Without this knowledge, I might not be the crazy cool homeschooler I am today. Without this knowledge, I might not have seen the need for less governmental regulation of homeschooling. Without this knowledge, I would not be the lifelong learner that I am today. Luckily for you and for me….I do know the difference- and I’m passionate about sharing it with the world!

Is your child filled with dread about going to school? Is he/she being bullied?  Are you worried they aren’t in the optimal educational setting for their needs?

You’re not alone! The educational system today is created for MASS education, not individualized learning on your child’s level. Someone who doesn’t even know your child wrote the standards that are being taught, and let me assure you, your child’s developmental status, learning style, and interests were not part of that writing process.

While most claim those writers are the expert, I disagree. They may be an expert in their field but YOU are the expert on your child. YOU.

You didn’t have any “credentials” when you gave birth. And, there was no instructional manual included. YOU figured it out! Homeschooling is much the same. You don’t need “credentials”, you need to be the parent!

I have over 25 years experience in the homeschool world, and so much passion for this lifestyle, let me help you make it a brand new day! Soon you’ll be saying, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”. Gone will be the stress of homework you don’t understand and your child doesn’t want to do. Instead, you’ll be snuggling on the couch and reading a book together, you’ll be catching that caterpillar and learning what type it is, so you can feed it and watch it turn into a butterfly! I can promise you, that if you follow my advice, you too, will go through a metamorphosis!