How Do I Make An Appointment?

Click on Elissa’s Time Trade Link to make an appointment by phone. It will take you to a welcome message. Click “continue” which will take you to Elissa’s calendar. You can scroll through and choose a date that works for you. Once you’ve clicked on the date, you can then see the available time slots. Click on the time you want, then click the “continue” button. The screen will then prompt you for your information. Remember to copy/paste the link to fill out the REQUIRED Questionnaire. Click Continue and you will get a confirmation message.

How Do I Pay

Payment is done through Paypal. You do NOT need to have a paypal account. You CAN use your credit card. The instructions for PayPal are on the bottom of the REQUIRED Questionnaire.

Can I Meet In Person Instead Of Over The Phone?

It is possible to meet in person, but availability is much more limited. You can email elissa@elissawahl.com to check availability. Prior to the meeting, the REQUIRED Questionnaire and payment need to be made.

How Do I Schedule A Workshop?

Choose your workshop topic and have some dates ready, contact elissa@elissawahl.com for scheduling. Workshops can be held at Elissa’s NW location, or at a venue of your choosing. You would be responsible for locating and locking in that venue. Gather 5 or more of your friends (it’s a good idea to have them pay upfront to prevent flaking).

How Do I Request Intervention With A School? I don’t have time to make an appointment!

You can call our phone line (702) 748-7473. If we are unable to answer it, please leave a detailed message. And/Or you can feel free to email elissa@elissawahl.com We will invoice you for the services after the fact.

CPS Is At My Door. Do You Help With That?

Elissa has worked with various CPS workers, and County and State CPS professionals. Please note, Elissa is NOT an attorney. Joining Home School Legal Defense Association is a proactive step you should take when homeschooling. That being said, Elissa does love to educate anyone and everyone on homeschooling and homeschooling laws. She will gladly educate the CPS worker should there be any questions surrounding your homeschooling. You AND the caseworker can call our phone line at (702) 748-7473 and leave a detailed message if it is unanswered.

Please understand you have a 4th Amendment right not to allow the government into your home without a search warrant. That is a right you can stand firm on if you so choose. CPS and their associated contractors are acting as the government. You may merely stand firm (and nice) on this fact. They WILL persist until they can see your child and that your child is unharmed. You may merely usher your child outside with you and close your front door and continue the conversation outside.

Please ascertain what the initial call is about. If it is something like, “your child is outside during school hours, we’re checking to see if they are truant”, this can easily be fixed by showing your receipt from the homeschool office.

Can I Schedule More Than One Call?

You may schedule as many calls as you like! Please keep in mind though, it might be better to schedule the calls out over a few days. This will allow some time to digest the information on one topic before moving on to another.